6. Total Comprehensive Income for the Year

Total comprehensive income for the year has been arrived at after charging:
Cost of inventories recognised as expense5,6395,218
Depreciation of tangible assets6932
Amortisation of intangible assets410319
Research and development260207
Operating lease rentals187211
Foreign exchange losses2124
Increase in provision for receivables96
Increase in provision for inventories3418

The above items are those charged to total comprehensive income only. Full details on items charged/(credited) to exceptional and other items are contained in note 4.

The analysis of remuneration paid to the Company's auditor is as follows:

Fees payable to the Company's auditor for the audit of the Company's annual accounts1213
Fees payable to the Company's auditor for other services to the Group
The audit of the Company's subsidiaries pursuant to legislation2017
Total audit fees3230
Tax services1611
Other services443
Total non-audit fees6014
Total auditors' remuneration9344