4. Exceptional and Other Items

Executive and management severance payments152
Amortisation of acquired intangible assets14119119
Head office relocation 121
Fair value movements on foreign currency hedging938(11)
Total exceptional and other items157381

During the previous financial year, Stephen Wildridge stepped down from the position as Group CEO and remained in the Group until 31st October 2013 as Director of Strategy and Business Development. The total compensation package agreed on 11th January 2013 in relation to Stephen stepping down as CEO of £71,000 was paid on 31st October 2013. In addition, an accelerated share based payments charge of £39,000 was recognised to reflect Stephen's ability to exercise early any outstanding share options at 31st October 2013. These options, where Stephen chose to do so, were exercised during FY14. The balance of £42,000 related to other management severance payments.

During March 2013, the Group relocated to its new premises. Associated relocation costs principally comprised the costs of the new premises whilst unoccupied together with an estimate of the one-off regulatory costs associated with changing the address on our pharmaceutical licences. The latter has been fully settled during FY14.

The amortisation charge totalling £119,000 (2013: £119,000) relates to brand and customer relationship intangible assets recognised on the acquisition of Animalcare Ltd in January 2008.